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"Who Is Mike Min...
And How Can He Help Me Rap Better?

Dear Friend,

Hi, its Mike Min here and I am the author of:
  • Freestyle Method - How To Freestyle Rap.
  • Lyrics Method - How To Write Rap Songs
  • Battle Method - How To Win Freestyle Rap Battles

Let me quickly introduce myself.  Unlike many so called emcees who started freestyling at a young age, I was introduced to freestyle rapping at 23.  But I fell in love with it.

I fell in love with freestyling so much to the point that I would do whatever it took to learn from the best freestyle rappers I could personally find.

Slowly, I started learning the secrets, structure, and techniques on how to freestyle rap better.  And even better, my freestyling skills got much better to the point of beating lots of other great emcees on the street.

Plus, I interviewed many different emcees (some who have worked with top hip hop artists in the music industry).

Then, I gathered & compiled these top secrets into my new "Freestyle Method" course.

So I highly recommend you to check out my catalog and order the course that personally suits you.


Take care...

Your friend,

Mike Min

PS  Make sure you bookmark this site, so you can come back anytime you want to check out my different programs.